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If you’ve found us it’s because you’re a fellow change-maker. You’re interested in a simple, yet transformative idea.

Welcome to One World Together

The Issue

Current funding systems don’t trust local organisations to meet their own challenges. They give money on a short-term basis, funding projects tied to the interests and priorities of donors rather than the communities they serve.

The Solution

One World Together believes that as a community we can change the nature of support for global development by shifting money and power to the organisations closest to communities. Together.

One World Together supports communities across the globe by providing long-term funding that they can spend how they want. We help build strong organisations that can invest in their future development and respond quickly to challenges as they arise.

But we can’t do this without you. There are two actions you can undertake to become a part of our movement towards a new system of equitable giving for global development:

  1. Sign up to become a Global Citizen. This annual membership fee is your commitment and contribution to our movement, covering our operational costs and supporting our movement to invest and build. 
  2. Sign up to an affordable, regular contribution to our Solidarity Fund. We pool your contributions and channel every penny to our partners on a long-term and unrestricted basis.

Together we can transform support for global development. 

Please join our movement now.

Our Community

Our community makes us who we are. Driven by values of trust, solidarity, and equity, the knowledge and experience of our global community helps to strengthen our impact and drive positive change.

Our Partners

Impactful funding is at the core of what we do. Our disruptive model of impactful funding puts long-term unrestricted funding into the hands of community organisations to spend as they see fit.

Community Space

Collectively, we are coming together to build a community of like-minded global citizens working towards a more equitable and just world.


We believe we need a funding system that trusts everyone involved to make the decisions that most affect change, with a radically transparent acknowledgement of how money is moving through the system.


We are stronger when we stand together, building with, learning from and supporting one another. We are committed to upscaling collaboration, diversity and representation through a culture of continuous learning.


We are committed to distributing funding, knowledge and power to those with the most pressing needs. Embracing equity enables stronger communities and organisations to determine their own futures.

Links & Learning

Learn more about One World Together’s continuous-learning culture.

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Join our wave of change. Together we can build global solidarity through a model of long-term and unrestricted funding.