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Learn a bit about who we are and where we’ve come from before joining our One World Together family.


No matter how radical, an idea is nothing without the people that come together to back it. 

One World Together, and all the possibilities it offers for more impactful and community-driven development, wouldn’t be here without you. We might not have your picture here but we can’t wait to get to know you in our Community Space.

Niki Banks and Chibwe Henry

Founders and Chief Stewards of One World Together

Niki and Chibwe met in the Reimagining the International NGO Social Lab and quickly bonded over the need to move beyond tweaking existing systems and build an entirely new one based on principles of trust, solidarity and equity. In 2023 they founded One World Together with the goal of putting a new generation of committed supporters of global development at the heart of radical change.

They are Company Directors, however they see their role in One World Together as stewards, working closely with the broader team and magnificent Youth Board to shape One World Together’s strategy, journey and learning. Employed by their Universities, neither Niki or Chibwe take any income from One World Together. You can learn more about them below.

Niki Banks

Increasingly uncomfortable with researching development NGOs in a fundamentally flawed system, Niki set to work designing a radical new system of giving, free of the inequalities facing the broader charity sector. Working at the University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute she saw the potential of her passionate and committed students in making this a success. Outside of work she enjoys raising her own two Global Citizens, Benny and Maddie, and keeping fit in her local Crossfit box.

Feel free to get in touch at n.banks@oneworldtogether.org.uk.

Chibwe Masabo Henry

Chibwe experienced the complexities and frustrations of the UK’s international charity sector first hand in her 18 years of working in it. This inspired her passion for a new system to overcome these challenges and One World Together draws upon her strong track record of building local, national and international charities. 

Alongside working as a Lecturer for Queen Mary University of London’s School of Business and Management, Chibwe is a committed advocate for enhancing the role of African Diaspora in development, and sees One World Together as an opportunity to further foster African Diaspora’s contributions as powerful agents of sustainable development in their countries of origin and residency.

Feel free to get in touch at c.henry@oneworldtogether.org.uk.

Kanika Joshi

Director of Community Building and Engagement

A feminist, youth advocate, and an international development practitioner, Kanika brings extensive networks from the Global South. Building the One World Together community is her passion and she does so with her prior experience working with the Youth Solutions Report at UNSDSN Youth and her engagements in multiple innovation ecosystems. She works with the Open Data Institute as the Impact and Sustainable Development Lead. In her spare time you will find her either dancing or thriving in green spaces

Skyler Colarusso

Operations Manager

Skyler began her journey with One World Together as a dedicated member of the Youth Board, all while pursuing her Master’s in Global Development at the University of Manchester. Driven by a passion for sustainable development, Skyler brings a wealth of diverse experiences in nonprofits management, from her pivotal roles at organisations such as Earth Day and the Environment Education Fund. In her down time, you can find Skyler finding solace through training at the gym, engaging her mind in daily Sudoku puzzles, or traveling to distant lands to embrace the richness of new cultures.

One World Together’s Youth Board

A new generation of committed supporters of global development are at the heart of One World Together’s vision, so of course it is natural that they are our beating heart.

Our Youth Board have been critical to OWT’s launch and strategic direction, working with Niki, Chibwe and Kanika to design One World Together’s vision and values, community space, and our vision for a network of Students’ Union Societies across the UK. In 2023 they also launched our first Students Union Society at the University of Manchester.

Amira Hassana Mohammed

Youth Board

Ann Valerie Balmir

Youth Board

Asma Ahmed Bham

Youth Board

Nele Engbrecht

Youth Board

Sara Khaliq

Youth Board

Selim Iyidirli

Youth Board

Skyler Colarusso

Youth Board

Tarini Mohil

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