Vision & Values

By joining us you are supporting a simple, yet transformative idea. That together we can change the nature of support for global development, shifting money and power directly to communities and the organisations working closely with them.

One World Together’s vision is a future where global citizens, communities and civil society can thrive, fostering engagement, knowledge-sharing and solidarity. 

One World Together’s mission is to provide a platform for Global Citizens to amplify engagement and build strong community organisations through long-term and unrestricted funding.

One World Together is rooted in the following values:


We believe we need a fundraising system that trusts everyone involved to make the decisions that most effect change, building this new approach through a radically transparent acknowledgement of how money is moving through the system.


Solidarity recognises that we are stronger when we stand together, building with, learning from and supporting one another.

One World Together is committed to upscaling collaboration, diversity and representation through a culture of continuous learning.


One World Together is committed to levelling the playing field, distributing not only funding but knowledge and power to those with the most pressing needs. Embracing equity allows us to acknowledge our different starting positions to allow us to reach a common end goal.