Celebrating our launch

Last month our Founders, Youth Board and four partners were delighted to hold an intimate celebration to mark the start of One World Together’s wave of change.

We are open for membership, giving you the chance to support an equitable (and affordable!) and locally-rooted movement for change.

The issue: Current funding systems don’t trust local organisations to meet their own challenges. They give money on a short-term basis, funding projects tied to the interests and priorities of donors rather than the communities they seek to help.

Our solution: One World Together believes that as a community we can change the nature of support for global development by shifting money and power to the organisations closest to communities.

How can you get involved?

One World Together supports communities across the globe by providing long-term funding that they can spend how they want. We help build strong organisations that can invest in their future development and respond quickly to challenges as they arise.

But we can’t do this without you. To join our movement there are two actions you can undertake to become a part of our movement towards a new system of equitable giving for global development:

  • Sign up to become a Global Citizen: This annual membership fee is your commitment and contribution to our movement, covering our operational costs and supports our movement to invest and build.

Together we can transform support for global development. You can join our wave of change by clicking on ‘find out more’ below.