Celebrating the launch of our website with a very special offer

We’re so thrilled that One World Together’s incredible website is live and are over the moon with how much it represents who we are, what we do, and why we’re doing it. The beautiful action-oriented and inspiring images are all shared by our amazing partners – Community Savers, Muungano wa Wanavijiji, Play it Forward and Raising Futures Kenya – giving us a glimpse of the brilliant work they do that you’ll be supporting when you join One World Together. To celebrate, we have 150 One World Together t-shirts to give to our first UK-based Global Citizens. Read on to find out more about this very special offer.

We can’t realise our vision without you 

Our vision to build a more equitable and impactful system of support for local organisations is nothing but an awesome idea, without people getting behind us to join the movement. And you can see from our website that this requires doing things a little bit differently. 

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and designing a lean and financially-sustainable operating model that is inclusive and rooted in our values. This sustainability is critical to supporting our future while protecting us from the high costs and endless treadmill of fundraising. We want to pay fairly and invest in the movement, while being mindful of keeping our costs low so that more money can get to where it counts – to supporting our brilliant partners and the work that they do. For us, asking our supporters to pay an annual membership fee was the right solution, with this money invested in the movement. With our strong commitment to Radical Transparency, we’ll let you know every year how we’ve spent and invested our membership income.

We’ve deliberately kept this separate from your contributions to our Solidarity Fund – that’s the monthly payment you give us that is pooled and channelled to our partners – so that you know exactly where your money is going. 

To celebrate our launch we’ll send a free t-shirt to our first 150 Global Citizens who also sign up to support our Solidarity Fund. We wanted to kick-start this journey of Radical Transparency with a bit of detail about this very special offer.

We have 150 t-shirts to celebrate our very first Global Citizens

You might have noticed that we have some pretty awesome merchandise available for you to purchase. We have partnered with TeeMill, who offer the perfect ethicaleco and low-cost solution for us. Your purchase is printed on demand (so there’s no waste) on high-quality, organic fabrics and sent directly to you from their UK, renewable fuelled factory. 
There is nothing that we have to handle in this process, so we can spend all of our time and finances investing in One World Together’s core activities. We get a small payment for each item you purchase, but the biggest drive for us is our excitement in seeing you rocking the One World Together style and wearing your belief in us on your chest.
We were offered the chance to bulk-buy our merchandise for fundraising purposes and after much deliberation and discussion we have decided to do this. This means that the first UK-based 150 people who join One World Together by taking both actions – becoming a Global Citizen AND subscribing to our Solidarity Fund – will receive a One World Together unisex t-shirt in yellow, red or blue. 

Now that you know what to do, here’s the important small-print and the deep-thinking behind it:

Whether you sign up for a £5, a £10, or a £20 annual membership, you’ll be eligible for a t-shirt.

You may have noticed that we have three options for our membership subscription, but you don’t get ‘more’ for your money. All our Global Citizens are equal and will get access to our community space; we’ve just taken this approach so that people who love what we’re doing and can afford to pay more can do that. Especially in these early years as we build our membership (and sustainability) we are so grateful for this.
A business mind-set would have us trying to encourage you all to pay a higher annual membership by offering the t-shirt only to those that sign-up for a £10 or £20 membership. From a business perspective, that would also help us cover our costs. But that’s not what we’re all about at One World Together. We want to celebrate and show our gratitude to all of our first supporters joining us on this journey – not just those who can afford to pay a bit more at what we know is a really difficult financial time for us all. 
So the important bit is that the first 150 new members (who also join the Solidarity Fund) will all get a t-shirt, regardless of the membership option they pick. 

A £5 subscription will have us making a loss, so we’d be grateful if you spent some time getting to know us on the website and thinking through whether you can commit to a slightly higher membership option. And/or if anyone would like to chuck in a few quid (£3 would cover it) as a one-off donation to cover the costs of their postage, we would be ever so grateful!  

Those who have already joined us will still get a t-shirt

We’ll go back to our very first subscribers (thank you so much!) and get in touch to see which t-shirt colour (red, blue or yellow) and size you want. Please make sure that you’ve signed up for Global Citizens membership AND a Solidarity Fund contribution and bear with us as we get everything organised.

How do I get my t-shirt? 

You’ll not see anything on the sign-up pages about this because it’s a temporary offer – when these t-shirts are gone, they’re gone. And we’re hoping that they won’t hang around long so we can start getting to know our lovely new members! So, bear with us as we deal with some faff getting things organised and sent out to you. Here’s how things will work:

  • The most important thing to do is to get yourself signed up for your annual membership as a Global Citizen AND your monthly contribution to the Solidarity Fund. Please make sure that you opt-in for emails from us, or we can’t technically get in touch with you! If you can add enquiries@oneworldtogether.org.uk to your address book so that our email doesn’t make its way into your spam, it would be great.
  • Hooray!! We’ll do a big cheer and a little dance when we see your membership details come into Beacon, our Customer Relationship Manager software. 
  • We’ll reach out to you to say thank you and to ask what colour and size of t-shirt you’re after. If you don’t think you’ll wear it, feel free to say ‘no thanks’ and it can go to someone else. And of course, please be understanding if your size and/or colour are not available. We’ve gone for an even spread of sizing across the three colour ways and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 
  • When the t-shirts arrive we’ll post them out to you. While we know you’ll be excited to receive your snazzy t-shirt, we are grateful for your patience in waiting for them – a bulk purchase takes some time to print and deliver, and we don’t even want to think about the fun of wrapping and addressing them all!! 
  • This all sounds a bit unconventional, right? Hopefully you’ll be inspired by our trust-based approach and values as we keep things working behind the scenes to get those t-shirts to you.

What do I do when I get my t-shirt? 

Now there’s an important question! Please wear it with pride. Get creative and take some pics, tag us on social media and share the One World Together love on whatever platforms you use. Building a successful movement depends on this organic growth in which we are all Ambassadors for our cause. 
We can guarantee that each one will make us smile. Your membership is one more cherished step towards making our One World Together dream and reality, and we cannot tell you how grateful you are for your support in these early stages. 
The One World Together wave of change is beginning and you are a critical part in shaping its force and momentum. Thank you!!