Celebrating the First Year of One World Together!

One year ago on Saturday we launched One World Together at The University of Manchester to an incredible audience. As we celebrate the first birthday of One World Together, it’s incredible to reflect on our journey. And wow, we’ve come a long way! Here’s a look back at our exciting and transformative first year.

June 2023 | The Launch of One World Together

Our journey began on 8 June 2023, with a vibrant launch event at the University of Manchester. Our magnificent Youth Board, four inspiring partner organisations, and a welcoming audience joined us for this special occasion. 

This was not only an opportunity to introduce a movement that has been in the making for more than two years. It was a chance to really showcase what we are seeking to do, bringing in our four partners to highlight what this new collaboration means to them. Our Youth Board also demonstrated the way we envision One World Together becoming an engaged and dynamic youth-powered movement for change.

The enthusiasm and energy at the launch set the tone for what has been a remarkable year!

September 2023 | Establishing Our First Student Union Society

In September 2023, we created our first Student Union Society at the University of Manchester! This society quickly became a hub of activity and engagement. Students organised various events, including a speaking engagement with Jon Alexander, participating in a Storytelling Workshop, and conducting a bake sale that raised an impressive £170 for our Solidarity Fund. These initiatives not only raised funds but also built a strong sense of community and purpose among the students!

January 2024 | Community Building Summit in Nairobi

January 2024 saw our first Community Building Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. This summit brought together all our community partners – Muungano wa Wanavijiji, Community Savers, Raising Futures Kenya, and Play It Forward – hosted by SDI Kenya, providing a space for sharing ideas, learning, and collaboration. 

Our first day was filled with amazing stories and successes! Play It Forward’s Lwanga shared how football in Zambia educates youth on gender equality and literacy. Muungano wa Wanavijiji, with SDI Kenya’s support, uses storytelling and art to amplify Nairobi’s youth voices. Raising Futures Kenya inspired everyone with their vocational training programs that have empowered over 900 young people. Community Savers from the UK highlighted their support for low-income families through women-led initiatives. The second day focused on visiting Raising Futures’ vocational centre and discussing our online Community Space for ongoing collaboration. It was a pivotal moment that underscored the importance of solidarity and collective action in achieving our goals.

March 2024 | Launch of Our Community Space

March 2024 marked the launch of our community space, designed to connect Global Citizens with one another as well as OWT’s community partner organisations, OWT staff, Youth Board members, co-founders, and students. This space has become a dynamic and supportive environment where members can share experiences, resources, and inspiration.

March 2024 | Talk at the UN NGO CSW

Also in March 2024, we had the privilege of conducting a talk at the UN NGO Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) with students from Drew University’s Social Impact Semester. This event highlighted our commitment to gender equality and social justice, and it was an honour to share our vision on such a prestigious platform!

Growth of Global Citizen Membership and Solidarity Fund

In our first year, we’ve been thrilled to welcome over 100 Global Citizens from 16 different countries into our community! This diverse and passionate group has been instrumental in driving our mission forward. Additionally, contributions to our Solidarity Fund have doubled, enabling us to expand our initiatives and support more projects that align with our values of solidarity and equity.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our first birthday, we’re filled with gratitude for our community’s support and excited about the future. We’ve accomplished so much in our first year, and we’re just getting started. Together, we will continue to build a world where solidarity and equity are at the forefront of global development.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of impactful work and meaningful connections!For more details on our activities and future plans, visit our Links & Learning page.